Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heavy Haul.

A 2000 kilometre trip into Ontario.

Flying Eagle #38 with B-train loaded with two steer-able 4 axle bogies.

Sunday morning loading of a 128 foot long, 63 tonne concrete bridge beam.

Four Flying Eagles #38 #40 #41 #42, all with the same load.

Ten axles needed for a gross weight of 86 Tonnes.

Rear bogie is steered by manual controls in tight situations.

Converting to automatic steering on the outskirts of Winnipeg, after early morning police escort through the town when the rear bogie was manned.

Overnight parking at Nipigon, Ontario, where I was third of the four trucks to arrive.

Always read the permit. Overall length converts to 144 feet. Nineteen foot longer than a turnpike double.

One US gallon = 3.8 litres, so that's 1 mile to the litre.

Highway 11 through the scenic Palisades of the Canadian Shield.

Patrick in #42, heading back for another beam after being first to unload.

The twisting and turning road alongside Lake Helen.

Bryn, second to unload, topped-up with his rear bogie and about to head home after chaining it down as I wait to be called down.

The lift-off.

Christer, truck number four, parked on the old road bridge as the two cranes lift his beam over to make the new one.          The road was closed for about 15 minutes each time a beam was unloaded and each time a rear bogie was topped up on a trailer.

Back as far as Dryden for the second night-out

Patrick heading back with the 5th beam which will complete one-half of the bridge. Five more are due to go in three weeks time.

The Freightliner Coronado and the Peterbilt 389 back in the yard on Wednesday afternoon with their B-trains.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lightning Strikes Louisville, Kentucky.

Pictures from July 2013.

____The trips have been all pretty much the same this month and writing about them has taken a back seat with so much else going on. But here are the best of the photographs I have taken.

Lowered 386 Peterbilt Bullrack.

Can't tell what it is, but I want one!

Mustang Convertible.

A scene from the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

A rare 372 Peterbilt needing some running repairs.

Fridge-pulling Marmon.

A Mercury as good as new.

1996 Ford Bronco.

Cool number plate, eh?

2014 Shelby Cobra Super Snake.

White Thunderbirds x 3.