Monday, September 26, 2016

Retro Truck Show Pictures from Gaydon.

Mack R 600 with sleeper.

Astran Scania 143 

British registered Peterbilts

T-Cab Scania Topline.

Scania with murals from the movie "Convoy"

Scania 124 T-Cab with living quarters in the trailer.

Two Scanias with Saudi Arabian transit plates.

Smart paint job on a Mercedes-Benz.

Pat Seal's Volvo F88 in the livery of Richard Ford and now with personalized number-plate.

Delaware for the first time in a long time.

Eight Day Trip.
____ For the first time at Penner International; I asked to be back on a specific date because of my up-coming holiday. Three separate satellite messages told them well in advance and during the trip. But they still managed to mess it up. It was a good job that I gave myself a couple of extra days just in case. The outbound load from Steinbach to Reading, Pennsylvania, was the best miles for a long time but I knew as soon as I accepted the load that time was going to be tight.

____ After tipping on the Monday morning, the reload was an hour and a half further up the road. A warehouse on the banks of the Delaware River had a load of furniture for Mississauga with a delivery appointment for 6 o'clock on Tuesday evening. From there, it was a bobtail run down to Windsor for an empty trailer. Then North to Sarnia for a load of carbon-black from the cleanest carbon-black factory that I have ever loaded from. The grass was green and I never tramped soot into the cab; amazing. Also amazing; transiting the US. Into the States at Port Huron with the load in-bond and back out again at Pembina, North Dakota. The eventual destination of the load was Alberta but I just took it to Steinbach and cleared my cab of all my personal stuff.