Monday, September 26, 2016

Delaware for the first time in a long time.

Eight Day Trip.
____ For the first time at Penner International; I asked to be back on a specific date because of my up-coming holiday. Three separate satellite messages told them well in advance and during the trip. But they still managed to mess it up. It was a good job that I gave myself a couple of extra days just in case. The outbound load from Steinbach to Reading, Pennsylvania, was the best miles for a long time but I knew as soon as I accepted the load that time was going to be tight.

____ After tipping on the Monday morning, the reload was an hour and a half further up the road. A warehouse on the banks of the Delaware River had a load of furniture for Mississauga with a delivery appointment for 6 o'clock on Tuesday evening. From there, it was a bobtail run down to Windsor for an empty trailer. Then North to Sarnia for a load of carbon-black from the cleanest carbon-black factory that I have ever loaded from. The grass was green and I never tramped soot into the cab; amazing. Also amazing; transiting the US. Into the States at Port Huron with the load in-bond and back out again at Pembina, North Dakota. The eventual destination of the load was Alberta but I just took it to Steinbach and cleared my cab of all my personal stuff.  


  1. Missed your posts and was thinking there was going to be something 'big' to announce on the next one! Was it a temporary clearance of your cab?

    Enjoy your postings


  2. Thanks for the comment; glad you enjoy the blog. Just a three week break but the I was so short of time between getting back off the trip and flying-out that I didn't have time to post it before I left.