Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Christmas Day In The Gravel Pit.

____ Christmas Day in the gravel pit; just like any other day parked in the desert. The only noticeable Christmas festivities had been the parade of the side-by-sides; all festooned in coloured LED light strips. Five nights with a dozen rigs criss-crossing the tracks that make up the Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area. We had stocked up with goodies on the previous Saturday and had a bulging fridge and two cooler boxes full with food and drink.
____ Percolated coffee to start the day with fresh fruit. Bags of oranges and grapefruits from the back of a truck parked at the Cloud museum. Local produce at $2.00 a bag. Great, not to start the day by firing up the truck; just lazing around wondering what to do with day. A hike, a bike ride, kayaking on the lake or some little maintenance job, like oiling squeaking doors. Or if Les came over for a chat; then that the morning done and dusted. With limited day-light, the evenings are the longest part of the day but we worked our way through the DVD collection at the library, read and played cards. Weather stayed dry, wind in the afternoons and clear starlit nights that made it chilly enough for two blankets.
____ A change of scenery before New Year, when we went into Yuma for supplies and went to Mittry Lake on the way back. Within sight of Imperial Dam LTVA but across the Colorado River. Free camping for 10 days in a calendar year, lake side parking, toilets and easy access to the water for kayaking. Mostly Canadian campers but with lots of locals bringing speedboats for fishing trips on the lake.
____ So, looking back on ten years of blogging. A lot has happened but not much happening now. Maybe time to knock it on the head and give up trying to think of interesting things to write about when I’m not doing any thing interesting. But I’ll keep it going; if something does happen worth writing about or I get a chance to take some decent photographs then I’ll post’em.