Friday, December 7, 2018

Rosa's Cantina.

Rosa's Cantina.
____ Day 30. Settled in at the RV Park for a week. Riding the bikes out, everyday in all directions, trying to get Cheryl fit for her forthcoming Trans-Texas cycle tour. To Las Cruces, twenty miles North. To Walmart, 13 miles for groceries, and to the famous Rosa's Cantina on the northern edge of El Paso. Some say that Rosa's Cantina inspired the Marty Robbin's song; some say the song inspired the establishment. Low-key and far from a tourist trap; good food and friendly service. A good lunch after a twenty mile ride south from the park.

____ Days 30 to 35. Park-life, maybe with neighbours a little too close and a little too dusty but good showers and laundry. At $300 a month, certainly good value for the long-term residents, whether workers or retirees. El Paso is not really a snowbird destination but there is a regular flow of those traveling from Eastern States to Arizona.

View from the roof of the Mack at The West El Paso RV Park.

2007 Sterling Ambulance for sale at $9500, just north of Rosa's Cantina on Highway 20.