Friday, January 29, 2010

Trip IV

____DAY 1: For the fourth time in a row, the job never hit the ground running. Blizzard conditions closed the Trans-Canada Highway west of Winnipeg and Highway 12 out of Steinbach was close to white-out. At least I could fit in a 36 hour log reset which might be an advantage later in the week.
____DAY 2: The truck needed digging out of a drift, as did the trailer. The road to Regina was open with ice in places and plenty of blowing snow. It was 4 o'clock when I got to Regina but it was still bright and sunny, the young guy delegated to unload the jetskis popped next door and borrowed a zoom-boom and did a good job of unloading, only tipping over one crate. It was then on to Saskatoon for the evening which cooled down to --27 degrees, so the Cat purred.
____DAY 3: A reload came through with pick-ups at St.Paul and Bonnyville in Alberta plus a pick-up truck from a salvage yard in North Battleford but that was for after the delivery at Lloydminster. Only, it would be too late to get the pick-up truck pick-up and the others done all in one day. The time difference between the two provinces would also count against me. So it was to my advantage to get the salvage vehicle before delivering the last of the jetskis. The plan came together with the pick-ups all being done by 3 o'clock; then BEEP: could I pick-up a driver at Humboldt, Sk and bring him back to Steinbach? Of course I could, you don't leave another driver stranded, you never when you might need someone returning the favour.
____DAY 4: I left Saskatoon just before seven, collecting Jamie at Humboldt at eight o'clock, he had so much stuff it was handy to have the dented pick-up truck to store it all. I don't think I have talked so much for years, such was the rarity of having a passenger. Jamie was good company and the trip passed quickly with all three collections going back to the Steinbach yard. I left the unloading until the morning.
____DAY 5: To those of you who know me as a mild-mannered, easy going individual, you might find todays account very disturbing, but I will always fight injustice, especially if it I am the one who is being wrongly accused. It all started well enough with the unloading, I was in Winnipeg to load grain bins one hour ahead of schedule. The load wasn't all ready, but they started loading and I started strapping it down. At lunch time, I was just waiting for one pack of steel sheets, the loaders had left a gap, halfway down the trailer to take it. Then it arrived, direct from the production line on the production line forklift. The forklift driver struggled to fit the steel into it's alloted space which was too small. He then swore at me for not leaving him enough space. I asked him to position the steel as close as possible to the pack of steel on the other side of the trailer, but he refused and said it was okay where it was. As it was, it was impossible to secure the steel but refused to do any more. I told him he was useless and to go away as I would get someone else to do it properly. Verbal abused followed from both sides until he became enraged, jumped off his forklift truck and asked,"Do you want a piece of me?" To which I replied, "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough". He then noticed I had my snipe-bar in my hand and remounted his forklift. There then followed some long range verbals and the loading chargehand became involved. He demanded I leave the premises, adding that I was banned and that he would have me fired from BFS. I finished securing the load ,then started towards the shipping office only to have my path blocked by the chargehand who pushed me firmly in the chest and told me to tarp the load outside the gates before getting my papers. Well that did it! I told him that to touch me was "assault" and now the RCMP would be involved. I then messaged BFS asking them to contact the police for me. If I was going to lose my job, the chargehand was going to lose his too.
To be continued.
____Overall trip distance: 2408 kms.

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