Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Calgary, Alberta.

Five drops in the City of Calgary, Ab.

The Great Wall of Canada.
 ____Day 1: Niverville to Calgary, at just over 1300 kilometres, is just over a legal days work for me and although there are many who have done it in one hit; I am not about to join their ranks. A midday departure and an early evening finish in Regina completes my Saturday shift.
____Day 2: Several times at a new employer, I have tried to prove how good I am by doing big mileages in short times. But if you do it once then it becomes expected and you have made a rod for your own back; burn-out soon follows. This time I am starting as I mean to go on: so Sunday is an other easy drive of less than eight hours. Through to Calgary's Flying'J truckstop.
____Day 3: With five drops, it's good that I am refreshed and ready to go with all the addresses tapped into the Sat-Nav. Rarely has it been so easy; each place starts on me as soon as I arrive and without hurrying: I am back at the Flying Hook before noon. Others, however, are having a nightmare! Flying Eagle #28, with a new driver doing his first week as a truck-driver in Canada, has lost his wallet. I wait for him to arrive before filling his diesel tanks and loaning him a fuel card. It's a delay, but not costly, the reload is insulation from High River. Only 30 miles south and I beat the 15.00 hours loading deadline by more than two minutes. It's a place where I have loaded before, which helped.
____Day 4: Loaded with just 6000 lbs, the trailer is brim full. A strong side wind doesn't make for the best of journeys as I drive the 1000 km from Redcliff to Niverville, back to the yard. The Peterbilt is now up to 50,000 kilometres and due a service, so the city truck can deliver the load. A short trip, but already time for another log hours reset.
____Overall Distance: 2814km.

Remembering the last time I loaded at High River: Brrrrrrr.

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