Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Louisville, Kentucky.

____Day 1: November is the month when the snow-chains should be back on the truck. But with such a heavy load of flax-seed; I postpone their carrying in favour of a few extra gallons of fuel in the tanks. There are no mountains on the way to Ohio and the strange-named town of Washington Court House. As far as Wilson in Wisconsin for the first night of the trip.
____Day 2: The second day of driving into a strong wind from the south, but at least it is a warm wind. Wind is also a problem in the truck-cab; the annoying shituation of not knowing if it's a Horse'n'Cart or a Pony'n'Trap. Stops and starts all the way to the Indiana/Ohio border and the Stateline Petro at New Paris.
Searcy O/O with Harley Davidson inspired KW paintjob.
____Day 3: Flax-seed for the pet-food factory that has a yard full of Wal-Mart trailers and then south-east on the nearby Interstate 71. One hundred and sixty miles, through Cincinnati, to Louisville on the northern edge of Kentucky. Another heavy load, this time; bags of powdered clay for Alberta. Then, when weighing at a nearby Love's truckstop; the women at the fuel desk question my pronunciation of the word: "Scale." Excuse me! I am English; speaking the Queen's English. I do not have an accent! I get plenty of support from the line of drivers behind me and the one-liners fly in thick and fast. Most memorable: what's the difference between northern and southern women in the US? Northern women say, "You can." Southern women say, "Y'all can." Back to the north, around Indianapolis, onto Bloomington for the night as the wind subsides and the rain starts.
Sugar factory in North Dakota, where beet becomes crystal.
____Day 4: A big push of 1100 kilometres, Interstate 39 and then 94 from Portage. It's hunting season and the Whitetail deer have been thoroughly disturbed. There are as many victims of roadkill as there are mile-markers on the Interstates of Wisconsin. Into the Fargo Stamart for an evening meal and a wash for #31 at the Northstar.
____Day 5: A frosty night with clear skies; I get the clean truck back to the yard on dry roads and without a bug splattered bumper. Snow starts to fall as I drive home in the early afternoon; Winter has arrived on the Prairies.The temperature doesn't get above freezing, all day, and for probably not for the next six months.
____Overall Distance: 4242 km.
Concrete grinding machine that levels the patches on Interstate 29.

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