Thursday, December 8, 2011

Colder Weather

____Day 1: In 1803, the US paid France $15million for Louisiana; about 3 cents an acre. 1867 and it bought Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000 at 2 cents per acre. It now seems that the USA is purchasing Canada; slowly and surely, one truck-load at a time. Another load of peat-moss going south of the border, to Troup. A bare and dry Interstate 29; until a Sunday afternoon snowstorm sweeps in from the west and leaves Nebraska shivering.
____Day 2: At a truckstop diner just outside of Lincoln; the night is as black as the coffee I am drinking. An early start, with the Zac Brown Band playing in my head and the whole Mid-West is stuck in colder weather. To vary the regular route; I take Highway 77, south, through Beatrice, into Kansas and onto Interstate 135 at Newton. The early start needed for an early finish, allowing an early start that will get the load delivered on time. Precious dirt. Fuel and a shower at Ardmore; then on to Troup and the second of two 11 hour shifts at the wheel.
TMC x 3 : the smart black and chrome fleet from Des Moines, Iowa.
____Day 3: There are "Needs" and there are "Wants." I always ask myself: "Can I live without this?" And if I can; then I don't buy it. After unloading the peat-moss; I go to load at Fort Worth: seventeen pallets of  totally unnecessary domestic objects; made in China. Candle-holders, ornaments, fridge-magnets; who really needs this stuff? But at only 9500 lbs for the load; I can't complain and the truck flies. Northwards to Salina, Ks; another day of over one thousand kay.
____Day 4: The bric-a-crap is for a superstore distribution centre in Edmonton, Ab. But thankfully, I'm only taking it to Winnipeg, where it will be consolidated with other goods at a transport company that has a regular delivery slot. It can be a nightmare; trying to deliver into RDCs just before Christmas. Another long day; to Fargo, where the Stamart Truckstop has disappointingly sold out of my favorite chicken tenders.
Freightliner Coronado with the neat twin tool-box / long-step set-up.
____Day 5: Every working day on this trip has started before dawn; all have been frosty but all have turned into bright, sunny days. This trip; I've broken my habit of arriving back in Canada during the afternoon. So once the trailer is unloaded in Winnipeg, there is still time for me to be sent over to the peat-moss packing plant at Beausejour and load for my next trip; Montana. Back in the yard just before dark.
____Overall Distance: 4929 km.
Three smart wreckers waiting to be called into action.

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  1. Lets hope that your last picture doesn't bode a glimpse of the next trip lmao