Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rapid Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

____Day 1: One thousand kilometres on a Thursday to put the truck on the doorstep of a Wisconsin papermill. Interstates 29 and 94 to Osseo; followed by an hour drive on a two-lane in the dark. Waste paper going for re-cycling.
____Day 2: The name,Wisconsin, comes from the Algonquain language; meaning "Land of edible candle-wax." Besides tasteless cheese, paper products are a major state industry with paper-making mills straddling all the area's rivers at fast-flowing points such as Wisconsin Rapids. Un-surprisingly; my reload is reels of paper going to Winnipeg from the nearby town of Mosinee.

Early morning sun-light at the papermill.

____Day 3: Although the drop was reachable in one day; I only got back to Grand Forks by the end of the second shift. Tipping, loading and getting Dirty Eagle #31 washed at Fargo left me with too much to do. But it was good to get a clean truck back to the yard on dry and bare roads. Just working the Saturday morning; just like it always used to be.
____Overall Distance: 2092 km.

Old cabover ending it's days as a billboard.

Flying Eagle #31 at Niverville, Manitoba.


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