Thursday, March 8, 2012

Glider Kits : Resources Versus Emissions.

____ The "Glider Kit" is a small niche market in the North American transport industry that supplies new trucks without an engine, a transmission and sometimes, drive axles. The latest additions to the Flying Eagle fleet are two such beasts; Freightliner Coronados from Fitzgerald Glider Kits of Crossville, Tennessee. New trucks but with reconditioned 1998 Detroit Diesel 12.7 litre engines and rebuilt Eaton 13-speed gearboxes.

____ The big advantage of such vehicles is that they do not need to comply with the high-tech and complicated emission regulations that burden all new trucks. Exhaust-gas- regeneration and Diesel-exhaust- fluid-treatment, the technically flawed solutions to curbing exhaust pollution, are not required. The trucks have the reliable, economical Series 60 engine from Detroit, producing a very adequate 500 horse-power.

____Everything on the engine is either new or rebuilt, starter, alternator, compresser, fuel pump, ecm, etc. Environmentalists might say that the trucks are driving through a loop-hole to avoid costly breakdowns with no concern to the pollution they cause.  However, recycling of an old engine is saving the planet from the pollution given out at a steel-making plant.
____There are two sides to every story when it comes to enviromental matters. At $115,000 each, you get a lot of truck for your money and there are two Welsh blokes driving around with big smiles on their faces. The Coronado is the luxury, top of the range truck from Freightliner and comes with two beds in the "Condo" sleeper. Check-out the Fitzgerald Glider Kit website for more information.

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