Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gonzales and La Porte.

Niverville-Gonzales,Tx-La Porte,Tx-Niverville : 5407km.: 6 days.
Watt big tyres you have, Stewart.

Long load under cloudy South Dakota sky.

GMC Brigadier with it's own shady spot.

Autocar at rest in an Oklahoma truck graveyard.

International Transtar in front of a couple of Fords.

Lonely GMC Astro beside an Oklahoma turnpike.

No Headboard, No Headache Rack and Back Door for any incoming load. 

Crane Carrier Company designed, AM General: Probably Ex-Army


  1. Nice pictures Chris, as usual. I see the new format is less wordy, is that because you are saving them all for another book?
    The Watt and Stewart isn't mine (it's too shiny)I have a 2006 with a traditional nose, and usually a step deck trailer.

  2. I thought of Mick as soon as i saw the Watt and Stewart!!! Great pic's as always Chris and i know it saves you a heap of time typeing but miss the story of your travels on the blog fella. But as long as your keep it going it's a plus. Cheers fella for a cold and damp Yorkshire.

  3. It's been two and a half years of blogging and it's hard to keep things fresh and interesting; especially if all the trips are much the same. Thanks for all your support but I'd rather give the writing a break than be boring.

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