Friday, June 22, 2012

Tonkawa, Oklahoma.

Niverville - Deliver : Irving, Texas. Reload : Tulsa, Oklahoma. - Nivervlle.
4212 km. - 6 days.
Nights out at: Fargo-McPherson-Denton-Tulsa-Vermillion.

Kenworth Aero Dyne in Red.

Kenworth Aero Dyne in Blue.

Twelve Axle Double from South Dakota.

Seventeen Axle Side Dump Gravel Train.

Thirteen Axle Grain Train.

Donkey Engines waiting for paint at Arrow in Tulsa.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, once the Oil Capital of the World.

Old Mack Water Tanker keeping the dust down.

Oklahoma International.

Natural Gas Powered Trucks at Irving, Texas.

Burnt out fridge trailer still diesel tank intact. Strange.

Toy Hauler from Tonkawa.

To much Helium in the steer tyres.

An Autocar in the line at Tonkawa.

1928 Fageol : from the same factory that made Peterbilts 11 years later.

White Super Mustang.

Flying Eagle #41 : The new addition to the fleet.

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