Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manassas Park

Niverville-Unload : Superior +Manassas Park.
Reload : Kutztown+Pittsburgh.-Niverville.
7 Days - 5515km.

Northern Minnesota: Home to many Ex-Marvin Yellow Cabovers.

Circus:- Last Out-Post of the Cabover.

Siesta Park-Spot beside Lake Tappan.

Amish Summer- Top- Down Buggie.

Grain Bulker.

Big-Sleeper Volvo.

Top Chop : Low Profile Tyres on Massive Rims.
Good Looking Custom.

Over the border at Warroad ; onto Superior for a Monday morning delivery of cardboard...................
Two days running over to Manassas Park in Virginia for another delivery on Wednesday.....................
Up to Kutztown for pick-up Number 1.
Over to Pittsburgh for  the second.
Back to Niverville with nights at Beaverdam and Wilson.


  1. Hi Chris think the Pontiac custom was used in a movie something like triple X2 i think Samuel L Jackson drove it. Might e totaly off but it looks like the one they used. Great pic's as always. Drive safe mate.

  2. You're right Roly. It's outside a car museum just outside Chicago.