Thursday, February 7, 2013

Drive-By Shooting.

____ The third load of peat-moss to Tyler, Texas, this year already. Another weeks work and another 4500 kilometres; so not to be sniffed at. But it doesn't do me any favours when I'm trying to think of interesting stuff for the blog. Infact the most notable event was seeing the eagles alongside Interstate 29. They seem to be in the Percival area of south-west Iowa every year; there must be a food source from the  ponds as they can often be seen on the ice. Driving by and aiming the camera out of the open side window brought limited results; next time I'll stop on the shoulder.
____ The reload was Longview, Texas, forty miles east on Interstate 20. Tall thin gas bottles for the welding industry of Alberta. Empty bottles but heavy, fifteen pallets took the rig upto the legal American five-axle maximum of 80,000 lbs. Back to the yard in Niverville without any freezing fuel problems this week, although the temperatures have stayed at around minus 20 C. Next trip; another load of peat-moss to Texas.

Flying Eagles of the feathered variety.

One on the ice; one in the air.

The Borderline.

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