Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bare and Dry Roads.

Interstate 94: didn't the snowploughs do well.

____ The regular run down to Georgia has come round again to break the cycle of endless Texas trips. Three days down, nights at Nashua and Oak Grove before sticking it on the bay ready for a Friday morning unloading at Morrow. A reload out of Ringgold and onto O'Fallon for the night. Saturday night-out at Sauk Centre; back in the yard by early afternoon on the sixth day. Nice, unremarkable trip with much warmer weather and only 30,000 lbs each way.
____ Overall Distance: 5197 km.

I ain't no recovery expert; but doubt it'll come out like that.

A Worker.

Playing at it.

Nice to see the Snowy Owl back again; first time this year.

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