Friday, March 29, 2013

The Caldwells in the USA.

Town sign that would make a fine tattoo across your back [if your name was Caldwell].

_____There are five Caldwells in the USA and this latest trip took me through two of them. Caldwell, Texas, and Caldwell, Kansas. Just plain Caldwell, not Caldwell City, not Caldwell-on-Sea, not even Caldwell-by-the-Buffet. It was peat-moss to New Summerfield and then across to San Marcos via the first of the Caldwells. Second pick-up was from Southard, Oklahoma. I came across Caldwell number two on the way up to Salina. A six day trip of 5285 kilometres with the five nights-out at Rock Port, New Summerfield, Waco, Salina and Fargo.

Caldwell, Texas.

Mack Ultraliner at the plant nursery at New Summerfield.

Part of the facade at the Winstar Casino, Oklahoma.

Custom Peterbilt and International Lonestar.

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