Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ellivnosidam, Saxet.

____Another trip to Madisonville completed; peat-moss safely delivered with nights-out at York and Richland on the way down. Reloaded out of Houston with powder for Edmonton; to be trans-shipped at Weyburn in Saskatchewan. A night at the Winstar Casino, Thackerville, then two full days driving to get back into Canada for a Sunday morning delivery. US Highway 281 makes a nice change from Interstate 29; all the fields being seeded in North and South Dakota. Saturday night at the Main Track Lounge in Weyburn. Back in yard by 2 o'clock after running Highway 2 in the rain back through Manitoba.
B-Seris Mack hard at work.
Fully-fendered Bull-rack.
Flooded ditches of Saskatchewan.
Six Door Chevy ideal for the school run.
Cab-over Pete with a reefer on.
Cab-over K-whooper with shed.
Marmon : 4 axles and a stand-up sleeper.
We play in the dirt and it drops out our bottom.
A locomotive from the Soo Line.


  1. Hope you weren't anywhere near OKC when that twister hit; looks like it went pretty close to I-35...

  2. I went through Moore on the Friday morning before it hit. Flying Eagle had two trucks heading south that got stopped 10 miles north at Oklahoma City.