Thursday, June 6, 2013

Conover, North Carolina.

____ A six day trip down to the company town of Alcoa in Tennessee; bales of crushed aluminium beverage cans on the way down with furniture from North Carolina as the reload. First night at Sauk Centre after a late afternoon start. Saturday night at Bloomington before parking at the factory; ready for an early Monday morning tip. Three hundred empty kilometres to Conover, all afternoon on the loading bay before getting up into Kentucky for a night at the Corbin Pilot Truckstop. Then it was two full days of driving back to the yard; just a ten hour break at the Petro, Portage.

____Overall Distance 5420 km.

Hard working cabover at Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Matt charcoal grey and chrome Kenworth.

Pole truck; too long to get in the picture.

Flying Eagle trailer on the back of the unit that will tip it up so the load slides out the rear doors.

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