Friday, June 28, 2013

Worlds Longest Bobtail?

Bobtail 2064 kilometres from Niverville to Randolph in Ohio. Pick-up tipping trailer from the East Manufacturing Company and head home without loading it. Total Distance: 4128 kilometres in four days. Nights-Out at Portage, Randolph and Portage again.

My longest European bobtail; 850 kilometres from Waidhaus, Germany to Nadlac in Romania.
1986 when I went finish a job that had been abandoned on the way to Izmit in Turkey.

Custom chrome grill on International cabover with Farmall badges.
Good looking custom Peterbilt with all the usual add-ons and ghost flames.

Underwear change time for this driver stuck on the runaway truck ramp.

Tri-axle rear-end dump trailer without wind-up legs could mean that this Alberta-bound tipper is going to be five-axle trailer behind a tri-drive dump truck.



  1. G'day Chris,

    I reckon I've only just got you beat: when I was with Phantom they had me bob-tail from Calgary to the meat plant in Dodge City KS. 2,361 km by google maps :D
    They had a spare trailer for pre-loading down there and the contract was finishing up, so lucky me got to pick it up! Gotta love being paid loaded miles for bob-tailing..

  2. It must have been great bobtailing up and down all those hills in Montana and Wyoming. A big change from 40,000 lbs in a trailer.

  3. Yup, only disadvantage is in a 65 mph limited truck you don't have the weight to throw it off the hills and make the most of Wyomings 75 mph speed limits!

    I also recall that trip for one amazing "scenic overlook".
    I hit the pretrip button on the reefer when I picked it up at Cargill and by the time I was leaving town it had thrown an error code.
    Pulled into the handy "overlook" only to see that in Kansas they consider a huge, stinking feedlot to be "scenic", lol.

  4. Not bob tail, but deadhead from Colorado to SC over 3000 k's. Just looking in, I see you are on flats again... have fun mate, I'm still sunning myself in the Loire Valley until September.

  5. Bonjour Monsieur Mick, J'espere le travail en France n'est pas trop dur. Qu'est-ce que tu churches apr├Ęs Septembre? Yorkshire, Alberta ou peut-etre Manitoba?
    Salut, Chris.