Friday, May 2, 2014

Short trip to Wisconsin.

____ Day One: The shortest trip for a long time. Monday morning saw me finishing off the previous trip with two drops in Winnipeg; then it was a short run out to St. Claude where I loaded the same trailer with seeds. I had a leisurely lunch at the Outpost Restaurant in Winkler while I waited for customs clearance and the go-ahead to cross the border. Then onto the truckstop at Swan River for the night.

____Day Two: A muddy yard at the seed warehouse in Ashland, where it starts to snow. It snows half way down to Janesville, 536 kilometres away to the south. I'm expecting to find a loaded trailer at one of Payne's regular customers; but the company has decided that it needs more empty trailers at the distribution centre. My orders are to leave the empty and bobtail back to Canada. Thank goodness the roads are now bare and dry; bobtailing on hard-packed snow is no fun at all.

The geese are back in the North, so why do we still have snow?

____Day Three: Over a thousand kays back to the yard; with a half-hour break at the Northstar Truck Wash in Fargo. Of course, sod's law, it starts raining at Grand Forks. Back to the muddy yard and hopefully a few more miles next trip.

____Overall Distance: 2636 km.

Chains on the yard shunter.

Sticking together.


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