Friday, September 19, 2014

Righting the waiting wrong.

How many hours of every day?
Is given free and taken away.
From a driver’s hard-earned take-home pay.
The company only earns while the wheels are turning,
So the driver only earns when the company’s earning.
But the hypocrites preach “Safety” a lot.
Whilst “Cents-per-mile” is definitely not.
It's a dangling carrot-donkey situation,
Cause of endless stress and frustration.
A full “Pre-trip” has to be done.
But most expect it done for fun.
Log-books should be neat and correct,
But manage your hours to good effect.
Stop on amber and never speed,
But “Hammer-down” when they feel the need.
Will it end with an on-board recorder?
Will it put this mess in order?
With truckers paid for every hour,
From log-on till their evening shower.

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