Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

FAO Santa.
____ As the blog comes to the end of it's fifth year; I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. 2014 has been different with a lot less truck driving and that looks as if it will continue for another three months at least. With nothing to write about; the blog is going into hibernation for the Winter. I wish I could take the snowbird route and head down to Mexico but the injured shoulder has to stay and attend physiotherapy sessions in Manitoba.

____ Surgery at the Pan-Am Clinic was performed on December 1st; left shoulder arthroscopy, where three small entry points were made and the broken bone from the rotator cuff was re-attached. My left arm has been in a sling for three weeks and the pain has only just started to ease; pain-killers have helped but sleeping has been very difficult. I was given a Cold Rush machine which pumps icy water through a pad that is strapped around the shoulder; during this treatment has been the only time
I have felt comfortable.

____ I went back to the clinic yesterday and they seemed pleased with their handiwork. They do know their stuff and are confident that I will make a full recovery. I hope so because at the moment I feel weak and wasted. I've been sitting about watching Netflix for two months. Lets hope the physiotherapy can get me up and about; out and about; anywhere away from the couch. Onward into 2015.

____All the best to everyone in 2015, Chris Arbon.


  1. Sorry I'm not there to nurse you back to health and occupy your time with more fun things to do....

  2. Looks like you're in the right place, at least for professional help, although the snowbird resorts must be very tempting.
    We both miss Canada very much, but health must come first and without wanting to slow down, and of course with the way you are paid over there it's not just a work ethic thing, it's a necessity to keep the hammer down, I finally accepted that (for me) it just wasn't worth it over there, but it's a shame that there weren't any other options available to allow us to stay there.
    Hope you had a good Christmas, all the very best for 2015 mate.