Saturday, May 23, 2015

Michigan : There and Back.

____Day 1: After three days off; I was eager to get out and get earning on the Tuesday after the rainy Bank Holiday weekend. The peat-moss was being loaded by the new city-driver who had  the opposite idea to my urgency. It was 5 o'clock before I pulled out of the yard, heading for a Thursday morning delivery at Otsego in Michigan. Mid-night loomed in the Minnesota darkness as I pulled into Sauk Centre and hit the sack.

____Day 2: The late finish meant a late start and that had the knock-on effect of traversing Chicago during the evening rush-hour. No fun in that but at least I knew there would be ample parking spots at Lake Station TA and Popeyes would still be serving chicken tenders with sweet-heat dipping sauce.

#26 at the Garden centre at Otsego, Michigan.

____Day 3: North of Kalamazoo and I couldn't fault the guys at the garden centre in Otsego. Quick and no fuss; twenty pallets off and put away before I had swept-out the trailer. Then eastbound and down below Detroit; to the town of Rockwood. Another bunch of good guys; this time 18 pallets of grouting powder, heavy but neatly wrapped. Westbound, the load is for Winnipeg, back to Lake Station and the driving hours are exhausted and so am I. Chicago to Detroit and back is a fair days work.

Racoon in a trap. Poor thing was very frightened. Especially when I mentioned that its coat and tail would make a nice hat.

____Day 4: Not enough time to get home; the late start on day 1 puts paid to a four day finish. Up as far as Fargo on a Friday before a Bank Holiday Monday in the US. Out of state plates on many of the light vehicles on Interstate 94; congestion around Minneapolis/St. Paul. "94" all the way to the Flying'J.

Searcy #250 with electrode load.

____Day 5: Just the 10 hour break and I'm away again. Just 3 and a half hours back to the yard. Not much traffic at the border and I've dropped the trailer put in the trip envelopes and gone.

Oldtimer in the inside lane.

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