Monday, October 19, 2015

Maps From The First Trips At Penner International.

Just an easy short trip to start with. Pre-loaded trailer from Winkler; down to Maple Grove for a Monday morning delivery. They had a load of empty crates to go back to Winkler; then run back to Steinbach.
Took an empty trailer to Dryden. Swapped that for a loaded one and delivered that to Jackson, Missouri. Then ran to Lebanon, Indiana, and changed trailers again. This time taking a load to Mississauga and dropping it in Penner's yard. Out of there; I took a pre-loaded trailer back to Winnipeg.
Empty trailer to Dryden again and then the same delivery down to Jackson. This time the reload was at Arcadia, Wisconsin; another swap with a pre-loaded trailer. I dropped that in Winnipeg and bob-tailed home.
For the third time; empty to Dryden and swap trailers for a load to Jackson, Missouri. Then down to Olive Branch, near Memphis, for a live-load [loaded same trailer]. That went back to the Penner yard in Winnipeg.
Something different. Take an empty trailer to load at Richer. Then down to Millstadt before popping across to Effingham to pick up a load for Winnipeg. 
____ So far, so good. Penners do seem to have plenty of work from a lot of regular clients. There are a lot of trailers dotted about at different customers, all over North America. Swapping trailers sure beats all the hassle of waiting to get loaded. Also they don't expect you to rush about and with trailer swaps; you don't need to.

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