Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two Trips From The Last Two Weeks.

____ This trip started and finished in falling snow; as Winter and my cough hang on into Springtime. But I did get into warmer weather and the first bugs on the bumper as I went down to London, Kentucky, with a load of paper bags. The reload was at Troy, Ohio, again. Just a quick blast, north-bound on Interstate 75 for a trailer switch, late on a Friday afternoon. It was loaded with ten drops in Canada; finishing at Fort St. John in Alberta. A good mileage trip but I only get to take it to Steinbach; disappointing.

____ Something a bit different; two loads out of Canada in one week. But both are to Wisconsin, which seems to be my number one destination since I joined Penners. The first is an empty trailer that needs loading on a farm near Elm Creek in Manitoba. Destination La Crosse; along with several others from the fleet. This makes reloads thin on the ground and after a lengthy wait; the office orders an empty run of over 6000 kilometres. North to the border at International Falls, Minnesota, then to Dryden, along Highway 502, for a trailer switch and a load for the USA. Something to the Southern States would have been nice but it is only to Park Falls. Back to Wisconsin, to deliver and then to switch trailers at Arcadia; before dropping the trailer in Winnipeg and bobtailing home.

Bull-racks, pulled by by "Old-School" Peterbilts.

Sugar-beet, mid-April, and the 2015 harvest is still going to the factory.

The Red River Valley sugar-beet factories must have the longest campaigns in the World.

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