Tuesday, May 10, 2016


____ Three nights of sub-zero temperatures started this trip as I headed east through Northern Ontario. Nights-out at Ignace, Cochrane and Venkleek Hill before a delivery to the Costco RDC at St. Bruno on the south side of Montreal.Then hacking across the city for a reload of plastic bottles at the suburb of Anjou. As light a load as you could wish for on a Friday afternoon; with a destination of the Penner yard in Mississauga. The busy Highway 401 beckoned but I sat out the worst and showered that the Napanee 'J before rolling in at dusk.

____ Saturday morning and the satellite receiver churps into life with a load offer to Virginia; per-loaded trailer from the yard. A load I did not think I was going to get. I had shuffled through the out-going paper-work when I dropped off my trailer; Dublin, Virginia, was allocated to another driver but know it was mine. I faxed the customs papers, got the all-clear and headed for the border. But the office did not change the driver and truck information and there was a big problem at the Buffalo border crossing. Then just when I was expecting a big delay; the customs officer at the booth says,
" I can fix that for you." and types in my name and truck details. If he can do it, why can't every other US customs official do the same.

Kenworth Aerodyne.

____ I push-on well into the evening, to the Pilot truck stop at Flatwooods in West Virginia; only eight thousand pounds in the trailer and the wooded hill-sides New York and Pennsylvania are easy. Three hours on Sunday get me to the TA at Wytheville, just 30 minutes from the drop. Plenty of time to spring-clean the cab, shower and indulge with some chicken tenders from the on-site Popeyes, Louisiana Kitchen.

____ In the shadow of the Volvo Truck factory, I have my load of foam taken off the trailer at the head-lining supplier. Re-load is three hours north in Ravenswood, Virginia. Another short day, which helps recover the log-book driving hours. Tuesday load is carbon black powder; dirty stuff that soots-up the newish trailer. I glad I'm not delivering it; just back to the Steinbach yard. A full day of driving on Tuesday and Wednesday with just a couple left on Thursday as I get back with temperatures of 34 degrees C. A record for early May.

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