Monday, November 7, 2016

Double Wisconsin

Three Days Work.
____ Leaving on a Saturday; you sacrifice your weekend in the hope of getting good miles with at least a two-day run. But it was just another Wisconsin. Empty to Dryden; switch trailers and head down to the border. A papermill that I had done before; having done so much Wisconsin, they are all coming round again. Delivering in Green Bay on a Sunday afternoon and praying that the Packers are playing away as I'm going straight past Lambeau Field just when the tail gating would be in full swing. The Cheeseheads are at Detroit.

____ Next trailer switch is at Arcadia; another regular Penner destination. In and out in half-an-hour with enough time to get up to Loves Truckstop at Menomonie; not yet out of Wisconsin but close enough to Winnipeg for another switch on Monday night. Three days driving is not enough for a weeks work so I go again. Dryden again, Wisconsin papermill again. Rothschild, delivered Tuesday at Noon before running across state for a load of glass from Spring Green. Then to Mississauga for a delivery and reload in the city. Driving hours are now getting short for work in the USA. 70  hours in 8 days. But Canada's regulations [70 hours in 7 days] give me enough time to get across Ontario; on to Winnipeg and do two drops on Sunday before going home after nine days on the road.

6 Days-4683km. + 3 Days-2636km. = 9 days-7319km.

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  1. Hi chris! I really like this blog! Keep up the good work and keep the coming!