Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Picture Diary Of A Trip To Laredo.

12 Day Trip
A cold day to leave so the trailer air lines needed some alcohol.

A heavy load of paper destined for Monterrey in Mexico. Just 200kgs below maximum.

Saturday morning at the border with just a 15 minute delay.

At Northern Tool and Equipment, Fargo, collecting an inverter.

First night-out at the Petromart, Missouri Valley, Iowa.

Brisket sandwich for Sunday lunch at the Cowboy Travel Plaza, Oklahoma.

A neighbour from home is also my neighbour at the Choctaw Truckstop on the Oklahoma/Texas state line.

Another new Loves under construction: this one is at Temple, Texas.

Washing the unit after dropping the trailer in Laredo.

Gate to the drop yard is blocked by a bob-tail while security go for lunch.

Old Mexican bobtail in Laredo.

Stables at the US Customs checkpoint on Highway 83, 30 miles north of Laredo.

Cottonfield above ground: oilfield below.

Route 66 Travel Centre on Interstate 40, west of Albuquerque.

Amazing rocky outcrop on Navajo Nation lands, north of Gallup, New Mexico.

The Four Corners Monument. The only place in the USA where four states all meet at the same place.

The Wilson Arch. 

Look carefully and you can see the haul-road that took the wind turbines to the top of the ridge. 

Dusk at a scenic viewpoint at the top of Emigrant Hill in Oregon.

Snow chains needed for the Coquihalla Pass on the way home from Vancouver, BC.

Fueling-up at the town of Golden and the Kenworth suddenly gets a Black Crow hood ornament.

The only snow in Calgary is the man-made white stuff at the Winter Olympic Park.

Even less snow in Saskatchewan, but the lakes are frozen.
Back in the yard, in the dark and in the snow.

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