Friday, November 3, 2017


Seven Days Away.
3817 miles in 63.15 hours = 60.5 mph.
____ My early morning coffee on my day-off is interrupted by a one-word text message from a mate. "Jackknifed." The first snow-storm of Winter has claimed Ruby Truck Line #101. Written-off less than five miles from the yard on the last leg of a nine day trip; strong winds having blown snow over Highway 52 and heavy traffic having polished the road to a shiny sheet of glass. No-one hurt but a well-kept black Volvo bent beyond economic repair. I cancel my plans for the day and watch the Great British Bake-Off on the television; later making some savory scones and wondering if I have what it takes to be the proprietor of some tea-rooms or a cake-shop.

____ A look through the Job-shops on the Internet confirms there aren't any "Money-For-Nothing" jobs out there. Poor pay, poor conditions and un-sociable hours are available anywhere and not just in the truck-driving section. I could sell second-hand cars but don't want to be an arse-hole so I resign myself to putting in the long hours and earning enough to survive. By the time I get going on Friday morning; the roads are bare and dry. I push on South as far as possible hoping for warmer weather; it's still October.

____ Steinbach to Percival was a big punch, followed by another to Thackerville and a Saturday at the Winstar. Destination is Hidalgo, so ditto for Sunday; taking US Highway 77 from Waco. Avoiding the busy Interstate 35 and the road-works at Temple. At 1800 miles, this is the longest outward load and three hard days behind the wheel before I reach the TA at Edinburg, Just a few minutes from the drop.

____ Peat-moss unloaded and away to Pasadena for plastic granules; a more relaxing day. Getting into the Love's Truckstop at La Porte to find that Houston is well on the way to recovering from Hurricane Harvey and the Houston Astros baseball team are about to win the World Series. Nothing like a bit local sporting achievement to lift the spirits and get a place buzzing. Loaded and away to Big Cabin as the LA Dodgers force the final game of the "Best of Seven." But by the time I wake up in Watertown on Thursday morning; the Astros are World Champions for the first time in their history. Meanwhile, I have gone from sleeping under a light duvet to huddling under the duvet and two fleece blankets. Back into the Tundra and home inside seven days. Good miles, a couple of days off and back down for some warmth. It's going to be a long Winter.

Kenworth W900 with tanks X 3

Round Bales

Blade Runners

Refugio Shell Station still not repaired after  Hurricane Harvey.

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