Thursday, December 14, 2017

Calgary And Edmonton.

Four Days Work.

____ Bringing back last weeks load to Steinbach in Manitoba when it was due to go to Alberta had me worried about the office staff. Is Ruby Truck Line making so much money that they can afford to do such illogical logistics? Then, when I get told to carry on with the load after a log-hours reset; it makes no sense at all unless they run me directly from Edmonton to Texas. That didn't happen; it was a load from Acheson back to Brandon, Manitoba.

____ A late start on a Saturday afternoon gets me to the Flying'J at Balgonie and that is enough to make sure that I am in Calgary and ready for the Monday morning delivery. Sunday afternoon temperatures at the Flying'J in Calgary are at an amazing +15 C as the jet-stream defies geography and drags Atlanta, Georgia, down to zero degrees. Warm weather too, at Edmonton for the second delivery; then on to Acheson before dragging a heavy load of wood-chips across to Saskatoon for the third and last night-out of the four day run. Twenty minutes of trailer changing at Brandon interrupts the journey back to Steinbach; where normal temperatures resume.
Statue outside the Wildhorse Bar and Grill.

Bulldozer on 10 axle Heavy Haul Rig.

Mammoet Western Star and trailer of many axles.

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