Friday, November 30, 2018

Van Horn, El Paso, Anthony.

Onto New Mexico.
____ Day 27. A ground-frost on the morning of our departure from the State Park. After a quick ride to the Indian Lodge and a climb up the Skyline Drive in the Mack; we call in at Porter's Thrift Store in Fort Davis for supplies. On to Martha, to check-out the artistic town before taking a straight and level Highway 90 to Van Horn, passing endless groves of pecan-nut trees. The Pilot Truck-stop gives us a chance to do laundry during a warmer night as we check the up-coming weather and adapt our plans accordingly.

____ Day 28. Cold weather with sub-zero temperatures for the next week is about to hit the region as we are stalled; waiting to honour a commitment that we made to some friends. In the end we decide to find an RV Park for a week; the need for electrical hook-up being the biggest factor. There are boondocking places in the area on BLM land but we go for the comfort option because of the weather reports. Into the West Texas RV Park at Anthony; just over the border into New Mexico. On the edge of the El Paso urban sprawl, two blocks from Interstate 10.

____ Day 29. The place is all RVs, with no mobile homes, so it is not "Trailer Park" in the true sense. However, there are plenty of permanent residents and plenty here for just the Winter with just a few spots left for overnight and weekly stays. Many RV parks are now like this with many people looking for affordable housing. Park managers can keep the spots full with long-term stays and services for the traveler come second. It is all dust and gravel outside but the washrooms and showers are spotless inside. No old vehicles up on bricks with their wheels off as it says "No oil changes or vehicle repairs" in the site rules but that doesn't stop me getting out the grease gun and giving the Mack some lubrication. It didn't say anything about no preventive maintenance.

Winnibago Revel on a 4x4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. If i didn't have the Mack then I would probably get one of these.

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