Monday, May 21, 2012

Marmon Truck : Class of 90.

____Day 1: Flour to Maryland; so a full days driving to Portage, Wisconsin. Stopping at Truckers Inn, Sauk Centre, for a meal. The Mother’s Day Special, ham, mash and veg. My dear departed Mum had a good sense of humour but I would never have dared take her to a truckstop on Mothering Sunday. Just like I would never have taken home a girl with tattoos.
____Day 2: The start of the trip was delayed due to over-running bed room activity in the Winnipeg area; this has the knock-on effect of a late start on day two. Another 11 hours at the wheel, Urichsville, Ohio, the overnight halt.
Long-Wheelbase Cabover Argosy : Ideal for long pole hauling.

____Day 3: A 18.00 delivery appointment at Aberdeen, Maryland, across the Appalachian Mountains; before going to Sinking Spring for the first of two pick-ups in Pennsylvania.
____Day 4: A carpet warehouse is closing down; the carpet cutting machine is my consignment for Winnipeg. Two thousand pounds and 17 feet long, but it’s on wheels and glides to front of the trailer. Then 350 miles across State to the town of Harmony.
Smart 1990 Marmon.

____Day 5: Fifteen pallets of chemicals weighs down the back of the box-van; loaded by 07.30, then westbound on US Highway 30. All the way across Ohio and Indiana; on to the Petro Truckstop at Rochelle.
Old Kenworth on Heavy-Haul

____Day 6: Even 11 hours of Interstate driving will not get me back to the Canadian border; so I settle for a power wash of Flying Eagle #31 at the Northstar, Fargo. Overhearing the conversation of two local owner/operators as I wait my turn. Dismayed at how their every waking hour is consumed my a forlorn attempt to make big money in the road transport industry. Thankful that my drinking, womanising and gambling gets me out of the truck for a few hours every week.
____Day 7: May Long Weekend sees many Canadians heading south for shopping trips in the US and busy borders. But I’m northbound and free from crossing hold-ups. Back in the yard and off home before noon.
____Overall Distance: 5542 km.

B-Series Mack x 2

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