Monday, July 30, 2012

Pasadena, Texas.

 ____Peat-moss down to Madisonville for the umpteenth time. Then down to Pasadena for some plastic granules from one of the many petro-chemical plants in the port area of Houston. A six day trip with 5317 kilometres. Nights-out at Percival and Corsicana on the way down. A night at Pasadena while waiting to load. Then stays at Iola, Kansas, and Fargo on the way home.
 ____ One of the many customized Peterbilts on the Farmers Oil fleet. A smart tanker outfit that rivals Jade for it's awesome trucks.
____ This weeks entry in the "Spot the Watt" competition. One of the Texas fleet getting running repairs from the driver at the Coffee Cup Stop at Vermilion in South Dakota.
____Early morning sunshine on a smart Kenworth with chequered flag themed paint scheme.
____Harvest is well under way and as far north as the 49th Parallel. Plenty of farm trucks in the fields ready for grain.
 ____ Three-hundred thousand kilometres on the clock of #31 and now out of warranty. So things are starting to go wrong. Disappearing coolant is the biggest worry and I bet the regeneration system is to blame. Also there was a great WOOSCH from under the hood that made me think that I had problems of disastrous proportions [ on my way to Texas in July and the A/C blows-up ]. But it was just a broken hose clip on the intercooler plumbing. A quick visit to a Watertown workshop and I was up and running without the manifold pressure showing through.
____ Crossing paths with Gliding Eagle #39 at the Gastrak, Pembina. Coffee and a gossip before I'm home in an hour. Three days hard driving before Mr. Trickett delivers in Aberdeen, Maryland.
 ____ So they got you by the bollocks then? Maybe it's the Summer sunshine and the easy miles that's making so many think of going down the Owner/Operator road. It sure is easy to get started with your own truck in North America.
People say to me,
" You know enough about the business to be an owner/operator."
" It's because I know enough, that I'm not an owner/operator." I reply.
But good luck to all those that are giving it a go. But I know my limitations and I just haven't got the right attitude. No cunt that ever tucked me up has ever escaped without being paid-back tenfold. Missions of revenge have littered my career and owner/operating would undoubtedly bring me into conflict with many an arsehole who would make me loose my temper. There is " Taking the rough with the smooth" and then there is "Taking the piss." I instinctively know the difference.

Wanted: Moving Targets.

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  1. Hey Chris,
    einen guten Blog schreibst Du, gut die Übersicht
    mit der Karte und den Meilen, auch Deine Photo's
    sind sehr gut.
    Grüsse aus Germany von Bodo