Monday, August 6, 2012

Lazy In-bred Hillbilly Retards.

____Peat-moss to Troup, leaving Tuesday afternoon and delivering Thursday. Empty over to Russellville, Arkansas, ready for a Friday morning reload of aluminum foil. Told to go away and come back Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Load still not ready at 18.00 hours. I'm fuming and preparing to give them a foul-mouthed rant before reading an article in the August edition of Pilot/Flying J Challenge magazine. A good-looking young lady goes into hospital for a pain-killing injection that will relieve her severe back-ache. It all goes horribly wrong and she leaves in a wheel-chair; paralyzed from the waist-down. It makes me reflect on the fortunate life that I have led. The places I have been, the things I have seen; my travels, my adventures. It puts things in perspective; it's a 36 hour hiccup. For fuck's sake; am I not a bigger and better man than a tirade of verbal abuse and some door-slamming?
____I decide to rise above it. Just  as Mallory Weggemann rose above her disability and dedicated herself to swimming. Getting good enough to be selected for Team USA at the forth-coming Para-Olympics. Good luck in London, Mallory.
____Eventually, I am loaded. Back to the yard, Monday afternoon, for the load to be trans-shipped onto a Calgary-bound trailer.

____A yard full of old trucks; mostly Internationals. Hidden in darkest Arkansas.

 ____Old International Fire-engine among all the other Oldies.

 ____Phew, What a scorcher! Hot nights needed the Tri-Pac running from dusk till dawn.

 ____This guy can roll up with his peado-van and trailer; mess about for a couple of hours with some rams and chains; then drive away with a couple of tractor units.

 ____Smart mobile tool-box from Span-on.

____A stormy Saturday night across the Mid-West.
____Overall Distance: 4752 km.

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