Saturday, August 11, 2012

Athens, Texas.

 ____Troup, Texas, again with another load of peat-moss. To Percival, then to the customer's door-step at the end of day two. Unloaded and the re-load is only 50 miles away at Athens. Up to Iola, in Kansas. To Fargo by the end of the fourth day; then just a short hop over the border to Niverville.
____ Overall Distance: 4560km.
 ____This weeks Watt and Stewart Sighting: On the scale at Jefferson, South Dakota. Surprisingly; not pulled in for a permit inspection.
 ____ Long Draw Bar Tipper: It must make reversing easy.
 ____ The Red Truck on the way through Kansas City.
____Cabover International: Putting travel into gravel.

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