Sunday, August 19, 2012


 ____A six day trip down to Roebuck, South Carolina, with 10,000lbs of second -hand sewing machines. Reloaded with 472 tyres from Unicoi, two hours north in Tennessee. Thats more tyres in one load than a Watt and Stewart truck will carry in a year. Back to the yard with nights-out at Bloomington and Fargo.
____Overall Distance: 5450 km.

____Tractor unit graveyard in Illinois.

____The sway on this trailer was horrendous. Did I stay behind and record the disaster or get passed before the whole lot went over and closed the road? Go, Go, Go.

____This biker was running on South African plates; eastbound on Interstate 74 in Kentucky.

____Custom Promo Kenworth heading towards Dallas.

The House that Peterbilt.

____Speed-boat delivery vehicle on it's way back south of the border at Morris, Manitoba.

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  1. Tell you what Chris you do take some bloody good and interesting photo's. I know you dont always get many comments but i for one love going through your blog, just for the sites you see. Thank you for sharing your travels and keep looking for those peskey Watt and stewart lot, especialy Mr Flynn in his new Frieghtshaker!!!