Sunday, September 23, 2012


____The same trip as a couple of weeks ago when I went to the Great American Trucking Show. Peat moss to Madisonville, Texas, with a reload of Gypsum from Southard, Oklahoma; back to Niverville. No great hurry on this trip so nights-out on the way down at Percival and Anna; Southard and Vermillion on the way back. Left Tuesday; back by Saturday afternoon.
____Overall Distance: 4817 km.

Class 8 Motorhome Conversion on Freightliner Argosy base.

Brangus Bull.

Brangus Females.
____Brangus cattle are a cross-breed of Aberdeen Angus cows and Brahmen bulls; they have been around since the 1940's. I saw this herd just south of Madisonville in Texas; the colour and build of Red Angus with the lop-eared and humped-back features of the Brahman. They are well-suited to extreme heat and humid conditions of Texas. The Brahman heritage gives them good disease resistance while the genes from the Angus gives good beef.

Waking-up next to a Cab-Over : Not done that in a long-time.

GMC 5 Star General.

Magnetic Bolt-Croppers.

____After cutting the bolt-seal at the mushroom compost plant at Madisonville, Texas; I put the bolt-croppers on the under-run bar while I opened the doors and backed on the unloading dock. They were still where I left them when I did a walk-around check at the Oklahoma City TA Truckstop; 350 miles away! Not something to be proud of; as they could have cart-wheeled off and smashed into a following vehicle, but it does show that the billion-dollar investment in the resurfacing of US roads is having an effect.

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