Monday, September 17, 2012

Day-Ruining Revenge.

____I was given an unjust traffic ticket and fighting it would cost me two trips from Manitoba to Kentucky. It was a $20 fine plus $143 court costs; a lot less than lost wages and traveling expenses. I'm angry about having to accept the situation; also angry about being threatened with jail just because I wanted to read the ticket before I signed it.
____But Kentucky State Police does have a website that gives the procedure for registering complaints about it's officers. Internal Affairs can't doing anything about the ticket and the fine as that is a matter for the courts but they will listen to my complaint about Officer Hunter's threatening behaviour and bullying attitude. So for the price of a stamp; I can now ruin the guy's day just like he ruined mine.


  1. Nice one, don't forget you have video evidence as well.

    1. I'll let them get the officer's account of events before I tell them about the video.

  2. Nice one Chris... and video? LOL.

  3. i saw a great video on youtube, of a guy taking his $130 fine to pay, all folded as origami pigs in a doughnut box!!