Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fat Bastard.

____A trip of five days duration, 1200 miles to Brooklyn Heights, near Cleveland, with some fabricated steel. Tuesday delivery, after the Labor Day holiday. 150 miles across to Columbus for some car-parts going  to Winnipeg. Hitting traffic congestion at Indianapolis, Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul stopped me getting back in four days and I had to settle for a night in Fargo with a visit to the Northstar Truck-Wash.
____Overall Distance: 4272 km.

____Very smart cabover spotted as I drove out the Pilot Truckstop at London, Ohio.

____Advertisement by the American version of Britain's Transport and General Workers Union.

____In the 15 months that I've been away from flat-decks, I've put on nearly three stone [40 lbs] and something has to be done. Thankfully, the Truck-Centers of America chain has come to my rescue with the introduction of fitness-rooms at some of their truckstops. On this trip I managed to fit in 2 half-hour sessions on the recumbent bike and the cross-trainer at their Lake Station and Whitestown sites. The work-outs were followed by the free shower that I earned by filling up with more than 50 gallons of diesel. Unfortunately, these same truckstops also have the Popeye's Louisiana Chicken and Biscuits franchise.

____For Roly: Three-axle tipper with no mud-flaps. But where is the "Driver is not responsible for cracked windshields" sign?

____Another shot of that good-looking Kenworth. But don't ask me to justify the gap between the exhaust stack and the front of the fridge.

____That's more like it! I'd love to compare the fuel consumption of the two rigs; carrying the same load on the same road at the same time.

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  1. Ha ha good one Chris!!! Just a shame they dont have VOSA out there(NOT!!) he wouldn't get away without mudflaps or spray suppression.
    Safe driving mate. Roly.