Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tennis Seed.

____A five day trip down to La Vergne, just south of Nashville, Tennessee. with a load of grass seed. Over-nighting on the way down at Center Point, Iowa. Two pick-ups from nearby Cookville, then up to Indiana's version of Frankfort for some steel coils. Final pick; one pallet in Chicago before getting up to Fargo for the last night-out.
____Overall Distance: 4647 km.

____Kenworth Cabover; standing bobtail at The Stamart Truckstop in Fargo, North Dakota.

____Field of Tabacco in Tennessee; one of many as I cut across country, northwards from Cookville.

____Buffalo For Sale at Fergus Falls, Minnesota. With a chance to try-before-you-buy at the Big Chief Truckstop Restaurant; just up the Interstate 94.

____Crop-Dusting Sky Tractor.

____For Roly: Twenty-one axle Tipper Convoy.

____On Tow: The World's Largest Pop-Up Toaster.

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  1. Thats more like it proper convoy of shit slingers!!!!!Cheers Chris.