Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Rolling Roadblock Poem

They've been ten miles or more like that,
Side by side along the flat,
Both sixty-five, pedal and cruise,
Neither one wants to lose,

They're lining up to push on thru'
CB air is turning blue.

Wide-open Pete's losing his cool
Thinks hammer lane is playing the fool.
Slow lane know's what he needs to do,
Back it off to sixty-two.
Snowflake in hell's chance of that,
Right foot down, flat to the mat.

"Slower" means a longer day,
A dollar an hour cut in pay.
All too easily predicted,
Now more trucks run restricted.
Companies think they're saving fuel.
The driver's thinking life's a duel.
It'll stay like that till next hill,
Or maybe something slower still.

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