Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Little To Solon.

____Day 1: An early Saturday morning start; running Interstate 29 south, then Interstate 94 west to Tomah, Wisconsin. 1000 kilometres exactly from Niverville to the junction of the 94 and Interstate 90. Here, I get a phone call from Mr. Ramsden who is also at the junction of Interstates 90 and 94; but 1600 kilometres to the West, at Billings , Montana.

Smart fully-fendered Cabover Kenworth; nosed into a parking spot as if it was camera shy.

____Day 2: Another thousand kilometres takes me to the customers doorstep at Solon, near Cleveland, Ohio. A half-full trailer of steel cabinets that weigh less than 5000 lbs; so the truck goes well.
____Day 3: Workers start arriving at 06.00; five o'clock my time, still dark and far too early. I'm on the bay by eight [their time] and out the yard by half-past. The reload is the same as last week, the pallet racking for Calgary's newest and biggest warehouse. They are up to load number 34 and 35 is on the truck on the next dock. Retracing my tracks, I get back to the TA at Lake Station, a session in the fitness room, a shower and Popeye's chicken tenders.

Very clean and shiny Flat-top Kenworth with Tipping Trailer.

____Day 4: A late start, missing the worst of the Chicago early morning rush; then a day on the 94. An early evening meal at Wilson delays my arrival at the roadwork ravished Interstate 694 until after the evening rush hour; then it's on to Sauk Centre for the night. It's great when a little forward thinking pays dividends; finally.

Short wheelbase, steel wheels, rare Kenworth Cabover from the Landstar Owner/Operator Fleet.

____Day 5: A ten hour break and back to the yard, where the pallet racking will be re-powered and in Calgary by Friday morning. The truck is due an oil change and service; I get a mid-week log hours reset.
____Overall Distance: 4485 km.

Stone chips on the paint work; but this old KW has been treated to a new bumper.

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