Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trion - Cottontown.

____A six day trip down to Georgia with a trailer load of used vehicle parts. Nights-out on the way down at Nashua and Nashville. A reload of cotton material from Trion and then to Cottontown for some stainless steel kitchen equipment. A night at Portage had me set up for a long day's drive to home but the office had other plans for the eight foot of space at the back. 9000 lbs of dumbells from Owatonna, Minnesota. But the last pick-up didn't clear customs and I had an extra night-out at the border.
____Overall Distance: 5540 km.

Steel-hauling Kenworth Cabover at an early morning Nashville TA.
Flat-top Marmon that last worked in 2009.

Autocar Truck at Cottontown, Tn.


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