Saturday, December 15, 2012


____Day 1: The truck went into the Peterbilt dealer to have the regeneration particle filter de-coked and didn't come back until two in the afternoon. But one of the advantages of this job is that it is nearly always a pre-loaded trailer leaving from the yard with all the customs clearance in place for a  swift border crossing. So Sauk Centre in Minnesota is possible by early evening; before the snow comes down.
____Day 2: Indianapolis by the end of day two, only 7000 lbs of cardboard on the trailer, good fuel consumption as the weather warms up and the rain set in.
Patched-up RV heading south for the winter.

____Day 3: Springfield is a town name from every state; so it's difficult say where exactly Homer Simpson lives. Maybe it's Springfield, Virginia. The loads destination is just south of Washington, DC; a mile from the beltway.
____Day 4: When unloaded; the first of four pick-ups is just a few miles away at Dulles, the airport of Washington the capital city. The second is in Newark, Delaware, but not ready until the next afternoon.

____Day 5: Short day-light hours means that the run across from Newark to Huntington, West Virginia, is driven in the dark. 478 miles between pick-ups but it is west-bound and in the general direction of home.
____Day 6: Huntington to Celina, Ohio, for the last collection. Then to Rochelle and a night at the Petro Stopping Centre.
Spread-axle fridge, colour-coded to match the cabover.

____Day 7: Not enough time to get home, just enough for Fargo.
____Day 8: Back to the yard with another time for the city truck to go to town and see what he could deliver.
____Overall Distance: 6123km.

Needle-nose Pete with late model air-cleaner and sleeper.

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