Friday, May 23, 2014

Poem from a Long-Distance Runner.

I’ve considered every single word you’ve said,
And not just because you’re very good in bed.
But you’re banging your head against a big brick wall,
If you think I’ll ever take that job on short-haul.
It’s something that I find hard to justify,
But saying I hated long-haul would be a lie.
You were happy enough when this affair began,
So why can’t you still take me as I am?
My mood and attitude would not be right,
If you forced me to come home every night.
Your friends may say you’ve found yourself a keeper,
But I still look forward to nights alone in the sleeper.

There’s no-one else, no-where, no way,
And there’s nothing else that I can really say,
I’ve no idea where it all went wrong.
No future and I’m going, going, gone.

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