Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Prairies at a muddy time of the year.

____Calgary is never just One-Day-Way from the yard; mid-day start on a Sunday puts me in the Moose Jaw 'J before sunset. Into the West, into the wind, into the Sun. The next day, the other half; 'J to 'J.
____Tuesday and the mattress factory gets their Virginian fabric. Then to Crossfield; to sink in a soft spot; Alberta thaws to the sound of cursing. Rescued by Bobcat; pushing with the bucket jammed in the jaws of my towing eyes. Insulation for Saskatchewan building sites; to Lloyd to end the day.
____Mud at Glaslyn, mud at Rosthern then the empty trailer to Swan River in exchange for a pre-loaded wood-chip consignment. Back to base: 3614 km.

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