Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eleven-Seventeen 5131 km.

____A midday start on a Sunday; a late finish will give me the cool of the night but running in the dark is the problem. Ignace to Thunder Bay can be like driving through a zoo and animal strikes peak at dusk. I don't encounter any four-legged friends and reach Santorrelli's Truckstop without incident; ready for the first-drop of a seven-drop trailer-load.

____Most long trips have a couple days that are harder than the rest; on this trip, days 2 and three will make or break it. After Thunder Bay, drop 2 is in Barrie but Sudbury is as far as I get after a long slog along the north shore of Lake Superior. Then an eight hour break before making an onslaught on my remaining customers; Barrie, Scarborough, Port Hope, Belleville and Apsley, where they stay open to six in the evening.

____The reload is cable from Johnstown; then its the long slog back across to Winnipeg. Canada, where there are two seasons; Winter and Roadworks. Highway 17 had plenty of construction on the east-bound journey; Highway 11 matches it on the west-bound route. With 5131 kilometres in six days; its hard work behind the wheel.

Amish haymakers.

Manitoulin Argosy.

Bobtail on-route to a show.

White two-axle bobtail.

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