Friday, May 20, 2016

Trumansburg, New York.

____ A seven day trip with a few more kilometres and one more lake than last weeks excursion. A damn heavy load that came out of the blue; maybe someone with a heavy unit kicked it into touch when they weighed it. Just 200 pounds below the US limit of 80,000. But a strong tail-wind helped fuel consumption and the 2600 kilometre route didn't have any steep hills. A Tuesday morning delivery to a seed distribution warehouse in the rural area of New York State known as the Finger Lakes.

The church at Longlac, so calm that I got it's refection.

____ No reload by noon but instructions to run empty to Mississauga had me back in Canada within three hours. Plenty of Penner trucks, all waiting for loads, at the Esso Truckstop on Dixie but I got away with a pre-loaded trailer by mid-morning. Destined for Edmonton, Alberta, but instructions to take it to Steinbach. Then at North Bay, a brake chamber started leaking air; a broken spring had pierced the rubber diaphragm. Luckily, I was only a stone's throw from Lewis, the International Truck dealer and they had it fixed inside an hour. Not many workshops will take a fitter off of a job to fix a  random rig that just rolls up with a problem so a big "Well done" to Lewis for the fine service.

____ The rest of the trip went smoothly with only 18,000 lbs of cargo and the long days of sunshine in Northern Ontario. Nights-out at Kapuskasing Flying'J and the Husky at Dryden before a Friday morning finish; but not before a random drugs test at the local clinic.

Dangerous Moose, Juvenile. just standing by the Trans-Canada Highway, between Ignace and Dryden. Just waiting to wander out and play with the traffic.

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