Monday, June 13, 2016

Whoosh : Where does the time go.

3990 kilometres - 5 days.
____ Another week whizzes away to be history. Another trip down to Missouri, back up to Illinois and I'm home by Sunday afternoon. It started with the familiar run over to Dryden with an empty trailer. Swap for a heavy one and down Highway 502; across the border at the rail track factory bridge that is International Falls. First night at Moose Lake, followed by another  at Bowling Green amidst the annual DOT safety and compliance blitz on trucks and truckers. Three days of open scale houses and brake checks.

____ Empty at Jackson, Missouri, and I was expecting a run south for the re-load but after a couple of hours of waiting; I got instructions to start out on a 600 kilometre dead-head up to De Kalb in Illnois and a trailer switch on Saturday morning. It is mid-day before I head for home but still have enough hours in the day to make it to Sauk Centre although not much time or energy for a Saturday night out. The trailer goes to Day and Ross in Winnipeg and I go home. Wondering if I'll get some new drive tyres as some of the old ones have started to pell off what tread they have left.

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